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What is google keyword Planner?

As you know if you are going to write any blog post then you need a keyword Research Tool so that you could find specific keywords that you want to target your audience. Your specific keyword will enable you to reach your maximum audience for your Blog post. Then you have a powerful Keyword Research tool “Google Keyword Planer tool” the world’s largest powerful free keyword Research Tool.

Google Keyword Planner Tool is a property of Google. It offers many features to its users. Google Keyword Planner provides keyword ideas for targeted keywords. A blogger needs such a great tool for keyword research. Which can help in targeting an audience through your blog post or any other type of digital content. Since it is a product of Google, you can easily rely on Google Keyword Planner.

google keyword Planner
Google Keyword Research Tool

About Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is an amazing tool that helps us find our keywords. This is a product of Google. Google has many products. It has created an ecosystem in the market. Every Google product is interconnected.

Feature of Google Keyword tool

Because it’s a free tool from Google, one of the top search engines in the world. You can also say this tools keyword suggestion tool. You can’t find such a tool. The Google Keyword Tool shows you the actual metrics of your queries. Whereas other keyword tools may be unable to provide complete details. Google Keyword Tool provides the following details.

Keyword Ideas

Keyword ideas do a lot of work for your blog post ranking. If you get a precise keyword idea then you can drive a lot of traffic to your blog or website. Your keyword measures should be in the search.

As you know google keyword Planner consists of 9 columns. I am going to reveal some of them. Keyword Idea is also one of them. The Google Keyword Tool shows you keyword ideas based on relevance to what you provide. If you provide a base keyword in the google keyword Planner. it gives you all relevant keywords that were searched by Internet users on Google or its other search partner platforms.

You can easily get keyword ideas for your blog through this Google Keyword Tool. So, Google Keyword Tool can be called a Google Suggestion Tool. Google Keywords serves as the best keyword suggestion tool. There are many keyword research tools in the market but none gives you complete information like this tool. Other keyword research tools such as Ubersuggest do not provide such absolute volume or keyword measures.

Average monthly searches

Google keyword tool provides you with Average monthly searches of your related keywords. This Average monthly search shows you a minimum search volume in a specific time period. For writing any Blog post, you need to know the exact search volume of the specific keywords. On the basis of these terms, you may use KGR technics. With the help of KGR technics, you can easily rank your post on Google Search Engine Result Page.

Average monthly searches are calculated in such a way that you don’t get minimum volume compared to actual search volume. There are other keyword research tools that also provide you with search volume but most of them hide the original search volume. So, if you are using any other paid keyword research tool then you should also use this tool to get accurate search volume.

In this tab, you can know how popular your keywords are during different time periods of the year. You should include these average search volume metrics in your Keyword Research tool.

Three-month change

In this tab, you can see & analyze changes in your keyword search volume. This column shows you changes in keyword Search Volume as compared to the previous 3 months. With this info, you can easily guess whether you should work or not on this keyword to target your audience.

These are amazing metrics that help you to analyze your keyword more. Keep one thing in your mind if you are a new blogger then you don’t need to find high volume but also mention the low competition. Because if there is high volume then also this is possible that there is high competition. So working on a new domain then your domain will not rank in Google due to low domain Authority & other off-page & On-page Ranking Factors.

You should notice changes in three months. Because changes can affect your blog post ranking. You can also apply this to your post dated well written blog posts to increase your audience

YOY Changes

Don’t panic this term YOY. Here YOY full form is Year over year. YOY means the change in search volume year over year. This term is very important as compared to the previous term’s Three-month change. This YOY term tells how many searches increase or decrease in a month within a year. This column helps you to refine your searches a lot. If I share with you the nature of any search term then each search term has its own tendency. It is clear that a keyword that is trending in summer may be out of trend in winter.

Competition Level

Competition Level means how much competition on the keyword you selected for your Blog Post. How many bloggers are working or working for the keyword you selected? If the competition level is high then you need to work hard to rank your Blog Post on the same keyword you selected. There can be one thing more than there are low chances of ranking your Blog post or an article or your page or Product on Google Search Result Page. You may use high-quality Backlinks to rank your Blog posts in a short time.

But on other hand, if your keyword competition is low then there are high chances to rank your Blog post or anything you want to rank.

Despite getting the high Search Volume, you need to know how much competition on the same keyword. Because the work doesn’t end here by finding a high Search volume. You need to find also that what is the difficulty level of the keyword you find. An idle keyword Research tool must reveal this difficulty.

Google Keyword Tool also reveals this information. In this column, you get the keyword competition level. There are three types of info in this Column of competition. Low, Medium, & High.

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Top of-page bid (Top range)

To understand the the terms of Bid we need to know what is Bid. Actually, the Bid is a type of value that is spent by advertisers to show their ads on the top of the page. Advertisers pay for bids & a Blogger gets for showing ads on his/her Blog or website. This bid value may vary on the basis of network setting changes & your location set in your ads account. The bid value affects the bloggers & advertisers as well.

Low page bid (low range)

This is the low page bid range for showing ads on Google. This is the same value that is paid by an advertiser to any Publisher in order to show their ads on Blogs or any other platform.

Easy to download

Google Keyword Planner offers you to download all the keywords in CSV file formats to your PC. You can also upload your keywords to Google Drive. So your file is online whenever you can use it.

Filter choice

In this Google Keyword Planner, you can use this by using filters. By using filter options you can search for a better keyword for your Blog. there are some filters like this.

  • Keyword Competition
  • Ad impression share (low range)
  • Bid Top of page bid (high range)
  • Exclude keywords in my account

How to use

Using Google Keyword Planner is very easy. This is the only tool that is free for a lifetime. To use this tool you have a Gmail ID. You can go through this link.

Last Word

In last I would like to say whether you are using any keyword research tool. You get a lot of features in the paid tool but I will also recommend using this Google Keyword Planner to see the exact search Volume, not due to free of cost But also get the exact search volume of your targeted keyword.

Please share what you are thinking about this article, if this article needs more improvement then comment below.

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