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Hi dear, Are you looking for free live chat for your Online Business site or blog? A free live chat tool can offer a big deal to your Business. Do you trust this? If yes, then continue this post. In this post, I will discuss the best free live chat tool for your business or blog which is very beneficial to improve visitors/traffic to your blog or website. So continue……

What is a free live chat tool? (free live chat)

A live chat tool is software that is installed on your WordPress website or blog. With this tool, any visitor coming to your site or blog can chat with you directly to you (Owner of bloggers or websites), without showing their Mobile No. With this tool. You can chat with your visitors & solve their queries online without meeting with them. A free plan of chatting tool has only chat support.

But there may be various features in a paid plan. You can share your file with your audience in a paid plan.

Why should you use the Live chat tool in your blog or website?

There are plenty of reasons to use a live chat tool on your website or blog. If you are using a live chat widget in your blog or website then you can easily grow your audience, interact with them and solve their problem online. This can increase the trust of your visitors to your blog or site. The following reasons are given below:-

  • You can increase trust in your clients, audiences, or visitors online. So you automatically gain more & more traffic.
  • You can solve your visitor’s issue online.
  • If you sell a PDF or any other digital product online and you chat with your visitors you can see a higher conversion rate.
  • If you have installed a live chat widget on your site or blog then it is possible that your audience talking through live chat will return to your site or blog again.

How can you install & activate a live chat?

Installing & activation of a live chat widget is very easy. If your site is built with WordPress then this is very easy. Please create your account on your desired live chat service provider & then follow the instructions from your Product or service providers.

What actually happens when you create your account on any service provider then there is their own WordPress Plugin. Normally you have to install the same plugin in your WordPress website & integrate them. then your account will be activated by your service Providers.

Best Live chat tools for your blog or website

In the market, there are many live chat tools. Some of free & some of them are paid. you can choose one of them that is suited for your Business. Here I am going to explain a list of the Best free live chat tools (widgets) for your Blog or Business websites.

1. (Lifetime free chat Software)

free live chat

This software is really amazing. Tawk. provides you with a completely free cost-free live chat system for your own visitors, audience & clients. Another great thing is free of cost. Yes, charge nothing to its users for its best services. provide a user-friendly interface on this website. tawk to log in is very easy. tawk to sign in Page is very user-friendly.

Prices: Free of cost

Key Features

  • You get a free lifetime chat widget for your site or blog. tawk to chat login
  • You also get an android application in which you can chat with your visitors, audience & bloggers.
  • You can join also any other agent to chat on behalf of yours your clients.
  • You can also raise a Ticket in your dashboard of account.
  • You can also create your FAQs in your dashboard account.
  • You can also create a knowledgebase in your dashboard account.
  • You can also provide a direct link to your online chat page to anybody.
  • You can also whisper to your team (chat window agents) even while chatting with your audience, clients, or visitors.
  • You can also handle your chat on your smartphone using its android applications.

2. Tidio

Tidio is one of the great live chat tools that is enough for a small business or Blog to handle your live chat. Live chat is essential for business websites or blogs. Tidio provides a user-friendly interface that might be easily availed. Tidio provides a chatbot, messages & email. In Tidio, you can avail of other features also.

free live chat

You can visit Tidio here.


  • Free (0USD/month 3 operators available)
  • Chatbots (39USD/mo.3 operators available)
  • Communicator (15 USD/month Build per operator)
  • Mailing (25USD/month)

3. Crisp

Crisp is a really amazing chat platform where you get nice features. This crisp offers many features to its customers like online chatting, Chatbot, CRM, Shared Inbox, Tracking System, Campaigns, Knowledge, Status Page, & contact form, etc. You get a mobile application even in the free plan.

free live chat

Crisp also offers you a contact form where your customers can contact you & send you their information. There are three plans to buy. You can jump to Crisp here.

Pricing :

  • Basic Plan (FreeForever2 seats included)
  • Pro Plan (25Month / Per Website4 seats included)
  • Unlimited (95Month / Per Website Unlimited seats)

4. Freshworks

Freshworks is also one of the great live chatting platforms. Freshworks was known as fresh chat in past. Freshworks has three plans. one of them is free for a lifetime. One who starts his/her Business recently may buy this free plan & start a Business or blog journey. You can jump to Freshworks.

free live chat


  • Free For getting started
  • Growth For fast growth ₹ 999
  • Pro For high performance ₹ 2799
  • Enterprise For enterprise-grade support ₹ 4999

5. LiveAgent

LiveAgent is also one of the amazing platforms to avail chat systems to your clients & customers. there are really a ton of amazing features provided by Liveagent. You can raise tickets, chat with your client or customers, transfer your tickets, Department’s creation also.

free live chat


  • Free Forever free account with some limitations $0/agent/month
  • Most popular All-inclusive $39/agent/month
  • Ticket + Chat $29/agent/month
  • Ticket $15/agent/month

Last Word

The last word, I would like to suggest is that you must use any live chat widget for your website or blog. Because by using this there are high chances of conversion.

How did you react to this post? Please do comment your own opinion in the comment below. if you need any assistance in your live chat setting on your WordPress website then your can contact us by clicking SERVICE menu from the header navigation menu.

Please do comment below & share your own experience about this post.

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