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Do you want to increase traffic to your own blog via Free blogging sites? do you know that Via free blogging sites can also boost your traffic ten times to your official Blog or websites? Yes, there is enough traffic that might be driven to a blog by doing a light practice under off-page SEO activity. Trust me you will get high traffic if you share your content on specific high authority free blogging sites. In this post, I am going to share some Free blogging sites.

What are free Blogging Sites?

You must have heard about these blogging sites. WordPress is the biggest example of a free and powerful blogging site. Where you also get more traffic and authority for your blog. There are a lot of free blogging sites. WordPress, Weebly, Wix, and Web node are a few examples of these blogging sites. Many of you use WordPress as a blog but If I am right then few of you avail all the full benefits of this WordPress. A WordPress free version site can also give you plenty of traffic for your official site. You can also share your article or idea on free guest posting sites. A free version of the WordPress site gives your blog also a Do-follow Backlink.

List of free Blogging sites

A common issue faced by all bloggers that are bringing traffic to their blogs. After the establishment of a blog technically, there must be high traffic to generate revenue or monetize your blog. For this bloggers use several technics to drive more traffic to their sites.

You can drive a lot of traffic to your site by using these free blog platforms. Because huge traffic is available on these free sites & if you share your articles or write a unique one on these platforms on a regular basis then you might succeed to drive huge traffic to your site or blog.

These free versions are website lists where you can share your articles on a regular basis. I have listed these lists on the basis of Domain Authority. The list refers to ranges from a low authority domain to a high authority one.

WordPress (DA 95)

WordPress is one of the most used CMS for the blogging industry. Each 90 out of 100 blogs is built with WordPress CMS. The reason behind this is very simple to use & easy to modify. There are a lot of plugins available to give extra functionality to your site.

This free version of Blog offers you 100% free blogs. Don’t underestimate free blogs. There are millions of traffic even on free versions of blogs. So you must create a free version website on If you share your article or write your own unique one then you can get huge traffic from this site organically.

How to create a free version site on WordPress

Creating a free blog on WordPress is free of cost & takes no time. You can launch your free blog just within 10 minutes in zero cost. For this, you want an email ID. Just enter your email ID, Select your Website title, select your own subdomain & then customize your site. Your site is ready to publish your first post.

Google site is really great thing to drive traffic to your blog. You will be surprised to know that 91 billion traffic comes to the Google search engine every month. It doesn’t mean much. it means too much. If your blog is new then you can try Google sites. There is also a tremendous reason for the Trust of the Audience. Trust is a Powerful thing that is a great ranking factor.

Google Site (DA 97)

Creating Google Sites is very simple & not time taking. Google Site is more powerful regarding Blog traffic. There is a very simple Process to create a Google Site.

There is a huge traffic of 70 million on Google Sites. You can take the benefits of Google Sites in your blog. You must use Google Sites as the traffic driver for your new Blog. If you run any affiliate website then you can drive a lot of traffic through Google Sites. This is an amazing idea for getting huge traffic to your site blog.

How do create a free version site on Google Sites?

To create a Google Site you need a Gmail Account. No other Email Account will work. To create a Google Site Please sign in with your current Gmail ID. After signing In Please click on Visit & click on the 9 dot icon on the right side of the web page or Google Search Bar. You will see all Google Products there. You have to click on Google Site one of them. If you did not see there click on More from Google Workspace Marketplace.

Select your Site title & page. Your Google Site is ready to publish your post. To get traffic through Google Site please share or write articles on regular basis.

Weebly (DA 56)

Weebly is also the best way to drive traffic to your site or blog. Although Weebly works as a web hosting service provider. Still, Weebly provides you to create a blog for free. Many bloggers use this website to get traffic to their blogs. This is really amazing website having a simple interface.

How to create a free version site on Weebly?

Creating a free blog on Weebly is very simple. By using an email ID, you can create here a free blog. Like other free blog sites, you can also complete your free blog in no time.

Blogger (DA 80)

Blogger is also one of the great platforms to start a free blog. Here you can share your articles & write your unique one. Through this platform, you can drive a lot of traffic. There is 3 million traffic only from India. So, if you are a blogger then you can share your articles on Blogger.

Blogger is an American online content management system that provides free blogging platforms for bloggers. anyone can use this platform. Blogger is a Product of Google.

How to create a free version site on Weebly?

To create a free blog on Blogger, you have a Gmail ID. You can easily create a free blog platform here.

Linkedin (DA 99)

LinkedIn is an American business and employment-oriented online platform that provides info about jobs especially private jobs or professional jobs. You can create your own platform to share your blog. There is about 189.2 million traffic.

How to create a free version site on Linkedin?

To write an article on Linkedin you have to create an account on this. After this, you have to click the “write an article” button. You have options to make your public or private your profile.

Medium (DA 95)

Medium is an American online publishing platform in August 2012. There is a huge traffic of 33.5 Million on this platform. If you want traffic for your blog then you must create your blog on this platform. If your blog is in English then your must create your blog on this platform because the majority of traffic on this platform is from the United States. This is one of the locations where you get a good CPC.

There is one another good thing is its Domain Authority. The domain authority is high ( 95 ). So, your post easily ranks on this site. from here, huge traffic comes to your site.

How to create a free version site on Medium?

Creating a blog on the medium is absolutely free of cost. You must have started your own blog on medium to get huge traffic on your official site.

Wix (DA 63)

Wix is an Israeli software company, that provides cloud-based web development services. Wix provides a lot of websites having different purposes like Blogging, Businesses, Restaurants, enterprises, Fitness, etc. You can start here a blog for your official blog or Business website enhancement purposes.

To start your blog on Wix is very simple. Anyone can start Wix by Gmail account or other social Media Accounts also. On this platform, you can get the benefits of various tools provided by Wix like Analytics & Reports. event creation & Online Payments.

How to create a free version of the site on Wix?

Creating a blog on Wix is absolutely free of cost. By creating an account & sharing your articles on this platform, you will be able to get huge traffic.

Last Word

In the last word, I would like to suggest that in your starting days of blogging if your blog is not getting traffic then you must use this practice to get traffic to your site.

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