Essential pages for Google AdSense Approval

As you know that there are a few essential pages are considered for Google AdSense approval. Generally, what happens about Essential pages for Google AdSense Approval, Most bloggers apply for Google AdSense without creating these essential pages in their blogs or websites & there is no doubt that their application gets rejected for Google AdSense. Google AdSense is a type of Ad Network. Google AdSense doesn’t approve your account. In this post, I will tell you the essential pages for Google AdSense approval on your site or blog, and how can you create the same pages for your blog or website.

What are essential pages for Google AdSense Approval?

Each of blogger hopes to generate high revenue through Google AdSense account on their blog. They set up a blog in order to monetize their traffic on their blog. For this, they write sufficient & valuable articles on their blogs so that a lot of visitors visit their site or blog & read what they write on this. Therefore Bloggers earn money by placing ads on their sites or blogs.

In this whole process, there is a term that Google AdSense. Google AdSense is a type of Ad Network, that lets you place ads & generate good revenue. For successful Google AdSense approval. There is required a few pages that are called essential Pages.

Essential pages are such compulsory pages that should be created on your site at any rate or conditions. Without having these pages, a site or blog can’t be called a valid site or blog in the eye of Google or any other legal purpose. The about us Page and Contact Us page is a few examples of essential pages.

Why should you create these pages?

There is a specific reason behind any actions. In the same way, you must know the possible reasons behind these essential page creations. Why those pages should be created?

The reason is very simple to understand. If the site is genuinely created by its owner then there must be a contact us page so that any third party might contact the website owner.

Does a home page define that this is the main page where all information about the site is available like what is the site about? The home page of the website consists of the detail & links for all pages.

A Privacy Policy page defines which & how you maintain the privacy policy of your site or audience.

A Disclaimer page defines what is warning & promises of your website or blog are.

How many essential pages are there?

The essential pages for Google AdSense approval are given below. There are 4 to 5 pages that are considered essential pages for Google AdSense approval on any site or blog. these are given below:-

  • Home This is a page that takes you to the first page of the website or blog. This is mandatory.
  • About Us, This is a page that represents you about the site or this identity.
  • Contact Us This is the page where the site or blog audience or visitors can contact you (site owner).
  • Terms & Conditions This is the page that defines website or blog rules & regulations if any.
  • Privacy Policy This page defines your behavior that how you use your user info.

How to create these essential pages?

After acknowledgment of all essential pages for your blog or website, is great & highly valuable question is how to create the following pages.

Creating these pages is very simple. There are a lot of online tools for creating these types of pages. You can easily create your pages like About Us, Contact Us, Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, etc. with the help of various tools. Just you have to write your domain address, your website or blog name & title, the purpose of your blog or website, Your mail ID, and your Contact Person. with a drag & drop system even in no time.

here are a few tools that I am providing their name with their web address, by clicking on this you can easily create all the essential pages for your blog or website.

Except for these online tools, you can use WordPress Plugins to generate essential pages for your blog or websites.

Where to show this page link or Menu?

After creating all essential pages for your site or blog. The second thing is that where to show or place this page link that is fully allowed & in the practice of Google AdSense approval.

Keep one thing in mind your menu navigation must be very simple & easy to understand for your audience or visitors. Your audience must not seem any difficulties finding such essential pages. Because you will get both loss and profit information through these pages (contact us).

So, you have to show this page’s link in such a manner that anyone can find these pages very easily. you can show these pages in your primary menu. You can show these pages in your bottom menu or in the footer.

Last Word

In last words, I would like to suggest that if you are going to create essential pages for your website or blog then first create your essential pages very carefully. then apply for Google Adsense. Because without these pages your account for Google AdSense will not be approved by Google. To generate these pages & set them in your menus. For this small task, you no need to pay even a little money to anyone. You can do it yourself in no time.

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