Hi dear, In this Post, we will discuss about the best WordPress plugins for blogs or website built with WordPress site. We will also discuss how can you speed up your WordPress site or Blog. This post is for a new Blogger who wants to start his/her own Blog.

When you create any Blog in WordPress. you need to install few WordPress Plugins in your Blog. Some of these makes your WordPress blog functionable & other makes your Blog fast. There are a number of WordPress plugins to load your Page fast. So, that your visitors might feel a good experience while visiting your Blogs.

Best WordPress plugins for blogs

To start your Blog first you have to setup your Blog. for this you have to install WordPress in your Account. after this you have to choose the Best WordPress theme & WordPress Plugins. If you want to know List of The Best WordPress themes you can read here.

If we talk about WordPress Plugin then here I suggest you all the Best WordPress Plugins for your Blog or websites. Please note that you can start only free version of WordPress Plugins (Free Plugins). You need not to pay any money for this.

1. Akismet Anti-Spam

Whether you are a new or experienced blogger, you will need a plugin to avoid spam. Akismet Anti-Spam is a WordPress plugin that checks your comments and contact form feedback against spam. akismet anti spam also works against malicious content. This plugin is one of the best wordpress plugins for blogs. You can review your comment. You can set spam comments to auto delete or form response by this akismet plugin in your WordPress account. You will get the following features; –

  • This Plugin automatically checks all comments and filters out the ones that look like spam.
  • A big thing is that URLs are shown in the comment body to reveal hidden or malicious links.
  • You can see all the comments for each users.

2. Contact Form 7 or cf7

If you are running a Blog then your need to publish few compulsory pages. such as About us, Contact Us, Privacy Policy and Terms & condition page. Contact Us Page is one of them. In this you have to create a contact Us form where any other party may contact you through your created form. Contact form 7 is one of the best wordpress plugins for blogs.

With this cf7 plugin, you can easily create a contact form and integrate it with your system. After this, when someone fills the field of the contact form. This plugin gives you the same information. This page creation is compulsory for all the types of websites such as blogs, Portfolios website, etc.

There are also alternatives of this contact us form cf7. Everest contact form, fluent forms are the some examples of alternatives of this contact us form 7.

3. Easy Table of Contents

This WordPress plugin “Easy Table of Contents” is a great plugin to organize your post content. This WordPress plugin is specially designed to organize the headings in your page or post. Without this plugin your post would not be fit for today’s audience. Easy Table of Contents is one of the best wordpress plugins for blogs.

Because it makes your article easier for your audience to read. Because if your audience is already most aware of your post then they can directly go to their target heading specified by this plugin. After installing this Plugin your can easily create of easy table of contents shortcode & paste it in your specific page.

You can get Rich table of content alternative of this Plugin.

4. Rank Math SEO also rank math

Rank Math SEO is one of those SEO plugins that play a very important role in WordPress website. Rank Math SEO WordPress plugin is used for guidelines for SEO in your WordPress website. This plugin mentions all the SEO activities on the right side when we write our post in our WordPress account. Rank Math is also considered as one of the best wordpress plugins for blogs.

This WordPress plugin really works great for our blog or site. This plugin (rank math)does not do SEO for the site where we install it. Rather it indicates all the activities that need to be done. In starting you can go with a free version of rank math SEO plugin. You need not to buy a rank math pro.

By the way you get easily alternative of this Rank Math Plugin. That is Yoast SEO.

5. Social Media share Plugin

Share Social Media is the best Plugin to make easy for sharing your articles to several Social Media Platforms. This is the most important to enable or provide this feature that your Readers might be able to share your post articles on the several Social Sharing Platforms. There are a lot of Such plugin that is used for this purpose.

6. Site Kit by Google

Site Kit by Google plugin is very wonderful WordPress Plugin. You can also search this plugin by the keyword google site kit. If you are a Blogger or a WordPress website owner then you need for this plugin in Technical SEO of your WordPress. This WordPress Plugin work really awesome. It shows your specific keywords that is ranked for your website.

This Site Kit by Google shows you its own Dashboard where you can see the following details.

  • Impression, clicks, Unique Visitors
  • Google Site Kit shows your your own analytics Tab where you can see.
    • Users sessions, Bounce Rate, Session Duration, & Top content over the last 28 days.

7. UpdraftPlus – Backup/Restore

This plugin saves a copy of your entire WordPress site. If you want to back up your WordPress website then you can do so by installing this WordPress plugin on your website. But you should also know that many hosting providers offer you free backups at a fixed time whichever you set.

You can get started with the free version of the Updraft plugin at the beginning. For a pro blogger you need an updraftplus premium.

If you want to use this Plugin then you can use any other online storage platform like Gmail, google drive, Dropbox, etc. When you want to install this plugin then you must be logged in with your online storage Platform. I suggest to create account with Dropbox.

8. Hide Page And Post Title

This plugin also is important role in your WordPress website. This hide your post or page title as per your request. This setting is auto set & manually both. Sometime, this feature comes with WordPress theme Such as theme is PressBook media.

By the way, this plugin is not useful for a website but the bloggers may use it.

9. LiteSpeed Cache

The main problem in WordPress site is to maintain speed or loading speed. As you know the website speed is also the ranking factor. That must be maintained by website owners. Many users always have complaints regarding with speed.

You should take this speed issue serious concern because it is one of the ranking Factors. So, you should manage your WordPress speed. There are numbers of Plugins to optimize your site speed given below.

10. Elementor Page Builders

Elementor Website Builder is the great Plugin to design page in WordPress. there are unlimited design templates by Elementor Page Builders. With this Elementor you can create am amazing page design for your WordPress website.

There are some other plugins you should know to use in your WordPress website. Sometimes you need to use another plugin in your WordPress website. Like cleaning the database, resetting your website, and many other purposes. Some of the plugins you should know are listed below.

Here is the list of all common Plugins for a Blog

Which of the plugin for SEO is the best?

There are two most popular Plugins for Blog. these are the given below:-
1. Rank Math SEO Plugin
2. Yoast SEO By Team Yoast

Which plugins can I use for speed up my WordPress site or blog?

There are number of WordPress Plugins to use for speed up your website.
Light speed cache

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