Top 10 best web hosting companies in 2022

Hi, are you looking for the Top 10 best web hosting companies for hosting the perfect domain for your Online Business? If yes, then you are in the right place. There is a very common worry situation before buying a new domain for your Business. Because the domain is not just a domain.

Actually, the domain is an integral part of your online Business. Once upon a time, there was no need to buy the domain of your Business But apart from outdated customs,

In this online scenario, Domain has become the unique identity of your Business. So, This is very demanding to book your domain for your One Business.

So, In this post, I will tell you the Top 10 best web hosting companies that provide you with web hosting services & sell domains & other services. I have already discussed in this post how to decide on your domain name before buying a domain with a few important research & about Webhosting.

But in this post, I am not going to describe to you what is the domain or what is web hosting because all this is already described by me in my previous post.

Best web hosting companies

I am going to talk about the best web hosting companies. So, in this post, I am going to tell you the Top 10 best web hosting companies where you can buy your web hosting for hosting your domain for your Online Business.

1. Hostinger (The great Webhosting for a blogger)

Hostinger is one of the great & relevant Webhosting not only for beginners but also a well-established blogs. Hostinger offers awesome features to their customers like SSL certificates, free site transfers, affordable premium Webhosting with awesome features, an easy interface, and all necessary tools.

Hostinger offers you a free domain when you buy one-year plan hosting. Every 9 of 10 users pick up this hosting Webhosting. By using Hostinger Webhosting you get reliable, highly optimized & performance web hosting for your blog.

Choose one of the amazing plans for your Business. Go online & grow your Business now

best web hosting companies
(Image credit: Hostinger)

Hostinger is one of the best Webhosting providers in the international & Indian Markets as well. They grab a major part of Webhosting sales. Their Client dashboard is very user-friendly. Hostinger let you manage your WordPress website as you want.

2. Bluehost (Specifically WordPress Managed Webhosting)

Bluehost is basically known as WordPress-managed Webhosting. This company is also known for its superb customer support that is bilingual (Hindi & English). If you are new to the blogging industry & want to start your online business or blog then you can choose Bluehost to host your Business without any hamper.

best web hosting companies
(Image credit: Bluehost)

They offer their customers awesome deals with free SSL, free domain, Free site transfer, & amazing 24/7 Phone calls & Live chat support. You can upgrade your Webhosting anytime in dedicated hosting, VPS hosting, or even in WordPress Webhosting services.

Bluehost starts its plan of Rs/- 179.00 per month for WordPress hosting. If you want to host your website for 3 years then you can go with this plan. In this plan, you get a free domain, SSL certificate, & SEO tools for one year. If you are serious about your business then you must grab this deal.

Bluehost offers affordable & powerful Webhosting with 99.99% uptime

3. A2 Hosting

A2Hosting is a well-known web hosting service provider in the web hosting industry. If you use A2Hosting for our blog then this is confirmed that you are able to stand out with your audience experience. Well. in this hosting you get a highly optimized WordPress hosting for your blog. So that there will be a high user experience.

best web hosting companies
(Image credit: A2Hosting)

For your Business Growth, this is highly recommended that you should avoid a shared hosting plan. Because if you already run a blog for more than 2 years that means you should not use the shared hosting plan.

You must use a cloud web hosting plan or a dedicated server for your blog. There is a big reason behind using this powerful Webhosting. As all of us know that we use a lot of WordPress plugins in our blog to make it more professional. In doing this we make your site slow to load hence there is a poor LCP Score. that is not fine by Google. Google also recommends an LCP score of a minimum of 2 seconds.

Keep one thing in mind, unless you pay attention to minimizing the time to load the pages of your blog or website, your blog post will not rank in Google.

So, if you want to host your blog without hassle then you go with A2hosting.

4. Cloudways

Cloudways is known as a super-powerful web hosting service provider. They offer a minimum 12$ per month plan for speeding up your site. Cloudways actually a managed web hosting service provider that works over unmanaged hosting in order to provide hassle-free Webhosting for non-technical users.

best web hosting companies
(Image credit: Cloudways)

Please note that Cloudways is not a domain registrar hence you can’t register here any new domain only transfer your old domain here.

Here Users get a real page loading speed. In each & every plan of these cloudways you get many features as shown below:-

You get Cloudflare Add-on, 24/7/365 Support, Unlimited Application Installation, Free Migration, Automated Backups % Restoration, Free SSL, Staging Environment & Auto Healing.

5. SiteGround

SiteGround is one of the fastest & reliable Webhosting service providers. If you are very serious about your online business or blog then beyond all this you must choose Siteground Webhosting for your blog. You wouldn’t believe that SiteGround’s other name is a speeding web page.

best web hosting companies
(Image credit: SiteGround

SiteGround gives its own SiteGround Optimizer plugin to speed up your site for WordPress website. So that you can optimize your site & grow your traffic.

SiteGround offers three plans for hosting your website. You can choose any one of them as per the requirement of your blog. By purchasing SiteGround Plan you are going to do something different & bing for your blog.

6. Sitecountry

SiteCountry is also a fast web hosting service provider even at affordable prices for even a small blogger or online Business holder. Like other Webhosting companies, here you can get an amazing deal for your web hosting along with your new domain.

best web hosting companies
(Image credit: Paidboom)

On the SiteCountry platform, you can get amazing speed of your page loading time even at affordable prices as compared to other platforms. SiteCountry gives you a. Com domain with three months of Clouds hosting for just 1000.00/- with Domain Privacy Protection.

SiteCountry offers you to amazing Cpanel with the automatic feature of upgrading software like your plugins & themes in the WordPress website. So Take your Business online or start your own Journey with SiteCountry here.

7. Hostgator

HostGator is a Houston-based provider & also well-known for its dedicated server hosting. HostGator also provides virtual Private Servers, and shared hosting. They have been providing amazing speed for a website.

They also sell domains but not at affordable prices.

(Image credit: Sitecountry)

Hostgator support is also awesome. You get two server locations India & united states. If you want to start your online Journey with Hostgator then you can choose this Today.

8. Paidboom

Paidboom is also one of the Best web hosting companies & Domain registrars. This company is also well known for its well established & high experienced quality services. If I talk about its customer support then this is truly excellent support live chat. They are online and ready to help their customer except on non-working days like Sundays.

best web hosting companies
(Image credit: Paidboom)

Paidboom also provides additional services to their clients like add-on services, free migration services, SSL Certificates, etc. There is a highly experienced team to handle customer issues.

If you want to start your online journey then you can start your journey now.

9. Digital Ocean

There is no one who doesn’t know about the Digital Ocean. A Digital Ocean is a service infrastructure to provide all hosting services under a single roof. Here you can host any app, or your WordPress site by creating your own server with just a few clicks.

(Image credit: Paidboom)

Digital Ocean offers you a free trial for testing & start your journey with it. In this platform, if you want to give access to your team member then this is also possible. By doing this you can easily manage your work. Digital Oceans offer so many services & made website or application owner tasks very easier than before.

If you want to grow your Business with Digital Ocean then you can start here.

10. Inmotion hosting

Inmotion Hosting is also one of the well-established hosting providers for 21 years. Inmotion web hosting provides its plan on an annual basis. They don’t provide monthly basis billing. They provide shared hosting plans, WordPress hosting, VPS Hosting, & dedicated web hosting. They also provide additional services like Domain, Free SSL certificates, & Professional Email.

(Image credit: Inmotion)

You can try inmotion webhosting for your webhosting plans.You can check it out here.

Is there web hosting free?

Yes, absolutely free there are a few companies that provide free web hosting like Infinity free. But you must not use such free web hosting for your Business Purposes. But you can learn & earn a practice knowledge how these things work?

Can I transfer my site to another web hosting for free?

The transfer of the site from one hosting to another hosting is called migration. So, keep one thing in your mind, migration is a web hosting-based feature. Most web hosting service providers give this free of cost while you buy Webhosting packages

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