Are you worrying about how to choose the best free WordPress themes for your Blog? For getting success in Blogging, It mostly depends on what type of WordPress theme you are using? If you are not engaging much visitors in your blog post in spite of good and high quality content. Then, It is possible that you are using a non flashy WordPress theme. Your WordPress theme should be neat, with a simple and white background. In this post, I will discuss what are the points to remember while choosing your WordPress theme for your blog.

What is WordPress theme? (best free wordpress themes)

Before telling about WordPress theme, it would be better to know what is a theme? So, theme is the structure of any website or blog. As you see any website has header, footer and other sections so that user can see all the content in well designed and formatted. A perfect theme always lets the users know and experience all the things in a sequence.

A good WordPress theme is also a ranking factors. Your theme works as decoration of your Blog.

Now WordPress theme is a theme provided by WordPress. Here you get a thousand best free WordPress themes which is absolutely free. You can use any theme from WordPress. It’s free, fast and secure. WordPress also provides a lot of plugins which is also free for your WordPress blog.

Top 10 points while choosing best free wordpress themes?

But, you will be care of the following things while you choose a best WordPress themes. Because If you didn’t set the best WordPress theme then it is confirmed you will hurt a lot in a long run. that is not good for your blog future. So. Here are the some crucial points that you should remember while you choose your new WordPress theme.

1. Mobile friendly Test

You must perform a test your selected theme to a Mobile Friendly test. As you know that there are 95% users that have Smartphone. So, One thing is clear that your blog theme must be Mobile friendly. A best free WordPress theme is always suit your blog. Because if your blog could not read on a mobile or smartphone that means you lost a lot of audience. So, you must have choose a mobile Friendly test passed WordPress theme for your Blog.

2. Very fast loading

You can’t ignore that Web page loading matters a lot. The best free WordPress theme takes no time to load. This is also a ranking factor. So, you must care this. Your selected theme must be in light weight. A light weight WordPress them always loads in a 1 or 2 seconds. Some time it takes 2 to 3 seconds.

But if you installed a high size WordPress theme then it might be taken more time to load. In this condition, if a user click on your website or blog page & it loaded in more than 4 or 6 seconds. then the same users will leave your Page & switch another. This activity is danger for your site or blog. Because Google will get a red single from your Blog in SEO purposes.

3. Widget Availability

Keep one thing in mind that you don’t need any widgets in your theme. But in the long run, you’ll need widgets. So, before choosing a best free WordPress theme makes sure that the same theme has widget options to enhance the functionality of your blog. Should there be a need to show things like recent posts, archives. Subscription form, photo gallery etc.

Widget option allow you show additional content beside your middle content like header, left sidebar, right sidebar, footer etc. Using widget you can make attractive your blog than before.

4. Theme Editor Option

best free wordpress themes
best free WordPress themes

One of the great things is that the editor option must be inside your WordPress theme. In future, You need to install your Google Analytics script in the header section of your blog. Let’s say you have to put a script in the header section of a service and you can’t find a way to do that. That means there is no option of theme editor in your selected WordPress theme.

Then you will find and install any other plugin to do for the same. then it will slow down the loading speed of your site. That’s why it’s important to check if the theme editor options are available in your chosen theme. The best free WordPress theme allows you to edit your theme for specific reasons.

5. More Installations

Before choosing any WordPress theme you must check how much are their installations? The best free WordPress themes is always installed by more bloggers. That will indicate how much good response are there for the same theme. The users are using or not the same things. You must read reviews also before choosing the theme.

If you found the more installation of the same WordPress theme then it may be concerned as good WordPress themes. You can use the same WordPress theme.

6. Clean & neat Theme

You must choose WordPress themes that is neat & clean. A Most users install a colorful theme. But a colorful theme must be according your niche or topic of blog. If your blog niche is related event blogging then you can use a colorful theme. But if your theme is related to any education or course then you use a simple white color, neat & clean Themes.

This is noticed that a colorful theme attract new audience but a simple & white background WordPress theme is capable highly to attract new audience as compared to a colorful WordPress themes. Users pass their more time on a simple & white background theme. you can take a big example of

So, you should use a white color background theme having less widgets.

7. User Interface like color, structure

A theme leaves a great impression upon your audience. After leaving your site, the same visitors return to your blog not because of only for your high quality content. there are some role of your user interface like your theme structure. Here structure means how & which way your content shows to your audience. there are many things to show on your site or blog but there designs matters a lot. Audience want to read content in a well design formats. So that audience might get all things in a well designed formats.

You also set a search Option on your Blog So that any user might find what he are looking for.

8. Do test your theme

If you want to make sure that your selected WordPress theme is fine & ok to use then you can check this theme via free tool (WordPress Plugin) named Theme check. By installing this plugin, you can check your theme properly.

Theme check plugin is a tool that can help you to test your Theme properly.

9. Availability of A child theme

You have must heard about child theme. If you get child theme with your desired theme that is great. Don’t afraid what is a child theme & what does it do for your blog. A child theme in your blog allows you to change its function. While choosing the best free WordPress themes for your own blog if you are getting a child theme then that is Great. Because if you have a child theme then you can make changes to your site or blog any time without any risk.

Last Word

In last word, I would like to suggest that if you are going to establish a blog then don’t make hurry while choosing your WordPress theme Because this theme is a medium to generate attraction of your audience. This theme is a lot for your Audience.

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