best free website builder

Are you looking for Best free website builder tool for making a website or blog? Do you want to create a blog with free tools? Do you want to start a blog from scratch? Yes, there are plenty of the best free website builder tools by which you can easily create your own site just drag & drop. In this post, I will tell you that how can you easily create your WordPress website using free website builder tools. So, stay tuned with this post till the end.

What are free website Builder tools?


Once there was a time period when setting up a website was so hard & time-consuming. A person had to pay more money to website developers to build the website. But in this technology era, if you are even a little bit tech-savvy then you can create your blog or site yourself within 30 minutes.

A website builder tool exactly makes it easy to create a website for you. You need not know any programing language like HTML, Javascript, CSS, or any other language to set up your site. This saves you a lot of time.

In this modern time, there are several online website builders tools that are sufficient for creating your website. By using this free tool, anyone can create a beautiful website for personal or business purposes. There is the biggest example of WordPress CMS.

Installing this software or cms in your website you can create a beautiful website only in drag & drop. With by website builders tool, you can also any type of website whether static or dynamic.

Best free website builder

If you are a blogger or Digital marketer then you must have heard about the website builders. Many new bloggers find the best website Builders so that they might save time. So, you must keep one thing in your mind that always choose the right website builder to make your site or blog. The selection of a good website builder is necessary. So, here is a completer list of famous website builder tools.

1. WordPress

If there is anything easy to work with & build a website by just dragging & dropping then it comes to each & every mind that is WordPress. Yes, WordPress is the most used & popular CMS across the world. There are solid reasons why most users use this CMS. This CMS name is WordPress organized by There are several CMSs in the market but after this WordPress. Because users get a lot of benefits from this WordPress. This is most possible if you use WordPress as a CMS. Then there are more than high chances that you will only go with WordPress and nothing else.

Not only you will use it, but also you will recommend it to your friend also. In WordPress, you will get a lot of WordPress themes & Plugins as well. By using these commodities you can build a Powerful dynamic website.

best free website builder
best free website builder

2. Wix

The Wix is the second-largest popular Website Builder tool that can help you to create a beautiful website just by doing drag & drop. The name of Wix is big along with this offer. Wix allows you to create your beautiful site without just putting your hand in your pocket. Wix offers you a free plan to create your site free of cost. Using Wix, you can create your professional website in a short time.

Wix is an Israeli software company that provides cloud-based web development services. Wix allows you to build HTML5 websites and mobile sites through this use of online drag and drop tools. Using Wix editor, you can create a professional Blog, Online store, any Applications, professional Business websites & many more applications.

Actually, Wix offers you Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI) based designing facility. You can create a website personalized website instantly. By choosing your style & layout and the other various options, you can also create your Online store or booking site.

3. Weebly

Weebly is the third but powerful website builder tool for creating a beautiful website. Actually, Weebly is a web hosting service, headquartered in San Francisco was founded in 2006. Using Weebly you can create a catchy website that attracts more customers day & night for your Business.

Weebly is the only one website builder tool that allows you to create your own forms at no cost. Here, you can create your own mobile application, e-commerce store, Professional Website, & professional Blog, etc. you

Weebly is Trusted by over 30,000,000 people worldwide. Here, you can track your visitors & see their performance in the Weebly dashboard free of cost.

4. Websitex5

WebsiteX5 is not a new Website editor. This editor allows you to create your site more professionally & guides you each step to build more professional websites, blogs & online stores. WebsiteX5 offers various multi-designer templates for your professional websites. You can also create your own customized templates from scratch.

best free website builder
best free website builder

5. Joomla

Joomla is another CMS that is well known in the world of Content Management systems. That is something like WordPress. But there are a few features that are not available in Joomla. I can say easily 4 users out of 10 use this Joomla to create their sites. In this CMS, you will also get two options to use Joomla:-

One of them is to design your site after installing Joomla web apps at & have it hosted on company servers, or download the software from & do it yourself.

Joomla doesn’t give your site quite a well-polished site as WordPress does. Joomla’s free website is going to be complex in the future.

best free website builder
best free website builder

    Last Word

    In last words, I would like to suggest to you that there are a lot of Website builder editors tools available in the online market. But you should choose one of them as per your requirement that means as you need. But if you are a new blogger then you must use WordPress super famous CMS, loved by majorities.

    Q. Which CMS will be better for a new blogger?

    Ans. WordPress is the first u0026amp; foremost CMS that must be used by new bloggers.

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