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Looking for Best Domain Registrars? As you know any kind of business, starts by the name. There is important role of a name or brand in a business. You can not ignore the importance of a business or brand name. Because a business gets fame from its brand name. The name of any business should be attractive. Especially when we are talking about an online business, it comes with the term a domain name in our mind.

In this post, I am going to discuss the best domain registrar. If you want to start a blog or website for your business. Then you need a domain and web hosting to set up the blog or website. I am going to share the best domain registrar where you can register the domain. If you want to know what steps you have taken when buying the domain name then you can read this article

Best Domain Registrars

Anyway, there are many domain registrars in India and abroad. But I am going to share the top 10 domain registrar where you can buy a domain for your blog or website. Keep one thing in your mind if possible, it is also recommended to buy domains and web hosting from the same company. We will discuss from Top to down on the basis of the quality of services. Let’s start.


Godaddy is famous as a domain registrar company in India. Bloggers buy their domains from Godaddy not only because it is cheap value but because Godaddy offers many characteristics with its reasonable prices. GoDaddy Inc. is an American public Internet domain registrar and web hosting company headquartered in Tempe, Arizona, and incorporated in Delaware. More than 7,000 employees work with it in Godaddy.

Services & Other Products

As Godaddy sells domains of several extensions like .com, and .in. .org, .net, & many more. you can search whether your domain is available or not on this platform. The interface of Godaddy is very simple to use for any user. You can easily sign up on this Platform to buy any domain. Godaddy provides also Godaddy coupon code 2021 for great deals.

Godaddy is known for its cheap prices along with other services provides the following services.

Godaddy sells domain names, Domain Privacy Protection, along with web hosting. Godaddy also shares the Appraise Domain Name Value. Godaddy sells domains having several extensions like .com, .in, .net & .org many more. This totally depends upon you what type of domain would you like to buy? You should do proper domain Research before purchasing a new domain. If you want to read about which points should be mentioned while buying a new Domain then you can read the full article here.

Big Rock

About Bigrock

Bigrock is also a domain registrar company in India. Bigrock is a well-known domain registrar that sells domains. this company really offers amazing prices to users. As per the user interface, Bigrock is a second-level registrar company after Godaddy. Like Godaddy, Bigrock also sells several services to its customers. Bigrock provides the following services.

Bigrock provides its own bigrock Cpanel for managing your Webhosting. Bigrock also provides sometimes big rock coupons.

Bigrock offers you a good deal. Bigrock gives you tons of chances to get exclusive offers when you buy domain and Webhosting. Bigrock is really amazing domain registrar where you can get amazing services. Here you can find any type of domain you want.

But if we talk about the prices of Bigrock then Please keep in your mind one thing you will not get any free whoisguard here. Bigrock charges for the same.

The prices of Bigrock are not cheap. they normally charge Rs/- 849 for a .com domain & charges separately for whois guard.

Bigrock provides Back Support Live Chat for its customers so that the customers can experience better services.


Hostgator is an Indian Company that provides also good services to customers. If you are going to buy a domain for the first time then you can buy from here. This company provides backup support behind these services. The user interface of this Hostgator is very user-friendly. You can find here also offers to buy your domains & other services.

Hostgator sells domain names along with a number of services like WordPress hosting, cloud hosting, dedicated server, and VPS web hosting. is also a good domain registrar But there is not a reasonable price for the domain. charge 10$ for a com domain. There is an extra charge for whoisguard.

There are also many services provided by is involved in upselling technology to sell its product. You may be irritated by their website interface. Because the website automatically adds many products or services to your cart.


Paidboom is also a Domain registrar company. This mainly provides hosting. But this also sells domain names along with web hosting packages. The interface of this Paidboom is very easy & user-friendly. Paidboom is an Indian Company.

Interface of Paidboom is very simple & anyone can start their blog or website at fair prices. If we talk about the prices of the domain in Paidboom then they will charge a sum of Rs/- 899 including privacy Protection for the first year. This company provides good quality o web hosting services to their customers.

Google Domains

Google Domain is a great place to buy domain names for your blog or website. This is a safe place to buy a domain name. Google also charges 860/- INR including the privacy Protection fee. I think that is a great idea to buy a domain from Google. You can hardly find any live chat support for customers.

 Best Domain Registrars
Best Domain Registrars


Namesilo is also a great idea to buy a domain name for your Blog or website. Namesilo charges a sum of Rs- 700/- that is included in a fee for privacy Protection. But They have a complex interface for their website. They don’t provide Backup Support for customers support. But keep one thing in your mind that this website runs slower than others.

Last Word

The last word, I would like to say that whatever domain you use. If you are serious about your blog or website then you must use a domain with privacy protection. Otherwise, you need not buy privacy protection.

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