Best Chrome extension for Digital Marketing

In the digital marketing industry, digital marketing experts use a number of extensions to perform daily tasks such as analyzing domains, domain overview, etc. I will discuss the Best Chrome extension for Digital Marketing in this post.

They usually check domain age, SEO performance, Website traffic, Backlinks, referring domains,s etc. In this post, we will discuss the Best chrome extension that is used by a Digital Marketer. Many users find this chrome extension by the name of google extensions.

What is Extension?

I am trying to explain this to you very briefly. An extension is a software by which we can save a lot of our time while working online on the browser on a PC or Laptop. It is a small-size software that is used by us on any internet browser to reveal information about a specific item or terms.

Now the extension comes as a browser compatible. If you work on the Chrome browser then you need a Chrome extension that can be installed from the chrome web store. but if you work on the Mozilla Firefox browser then you only need the Mozilla Firefox extension that can be installed from the Mozilla firefox addons store.

Where can you download chrome extensions?

To download the chrome extension you should visit its Official website which is called Chrome website. While if you are using Mozilla Firefox then you have to visit Mozilla Firefox Addons store. After visiting the official web store you can add it to your Browser.

Best Chrome extension for Digital Marketing

In this post, I suggest you some Chrome extensions that you must use in your PC. Using this chrome extension, you can do many things in a few seconds with a single click. Trust that your work will be done sooner than before.

Best Chrome extension for Digital Marketing
Best Chrome extension for Digital Marketing

1. Grammarly for Chrome (Grammarly extension)

Grammarly for Chrome is the best extension for a content writer for blogs. Generally, when a blogger writes his post in the blog, it is possible that there may be some grammar mistakes in it. These mistakes are neither good from an English grammar perspective nor SEO optimized. Therefore it cannot be ignored. In order to write error-free English you must use this Grammarly chrome extension or Grammarly chrome plugin.

There is no cost to use it. you can add Grammarly to chrome very easily. If you want a pro service then you can also use this pro plan. By using this Grammarly for Chrome extension, you can take your content to the next level. This Grammarly extension is loved worldwide. This extension is known as Grammarly google chrome extension also

This chrome extension (Grammarly web extension) is used for only English writing improvement like spelling, Grammar, and tone of language. etc.

  • A simple, guided editing process for your writing content.
  • High-quality writing extension
  • Compatible with all web pages like Facebook, Gmail, Linkedin, WordPress, Twitter, and Millions of other sites.
  • Detecting your tone easily.
  • Grammarly Premium is also available

C. How to add this chrome extension

To install this Chrome extension visit the official chrome webstore by clicking here. Read this chrome extension overview & click Add Button of this chrome extension.

D. About Extension

Extension NameUpdation frequencySizeLanguageHeadquarter
Grammarly for ChromeGood35.67MBEnglishUnited States
Best Chrome extension for Digital Marketing

2. SimilarWeb – Traffic Rank & Website Analysis

Similar webstore is a great chrome extension to check any website or Blog traffic in just a click. Many Bloggers use this chrome extension to check any website or blog traffic. The reason behind using this chrome extension is only time-saving & correct information. You can use this chrome extension to see website traffic & key metrics for any website, including engagement range, traffic ranking, keyword ranking & traffic source also.

A. Use of SimilarWeb Chrome extension

This chrome extension is used for only traffic sources nothing else than how much traffic, traffic source, traffic Location, etc.

B. Features of SimilarWeb Chrome extension

There are a lot of features of this chrome extension. You can see a lot of metrics by using it. you can see the following metrics. There is also a similar pro.

  • This extension shows you Global Rank, Country Rank, Category Rank & Visits Over Time.
  • This extension shows your Bounce Rate, Pages per visit, Monthly Visits & average duration of Visits.
  • This extension also shows you geographic views and country names.
  • This extension shows you Traffic Sources like direct, Social, Referrals, Search, Email, & display Ads.

C. About Similar Web chrome extension

Extension NameUpdation frequencySizeLanguageHeadquarter
Similar WebGood1.1MBEnglish & 3 othersNew York
Best Chrome extension for Digital Marketing

3. Domain Age Checker | Site Age Checker

Domain Age Checker | Site Age Checker is a great tool to find out how old a domain is. Digital marketers use this tool for this purpose. Because if you want to check the age of a domain which is common. And you are not using any extension for this task. So you are wasting a lot of your time. This extension is also known as a website age checker or site age checker.

Because first, you search in Google then click on the website, and after opening the web page enter the target web address and press the check button, and only then you will get the information. But beyond this formality, you have to install this chrome extension and just visit the targeted website and click on the extension icon. You have immediate results in front of you. This provides info like domain age checker whois.

A. Use of Domain Age Checker

This extension can be used only for Getting knowledge of domain age.

B. Features of Domain Age Checker | Site Age Checker

  • This is free To Use Chrome Extension
  • Support both standard HTTP and HTTPS both
  • Works with www and any subdomain also.
  • works in only one click
  • Works even when the site is site is up
  • No need to come out from your existing web page
  • Lightening fast response from our hosted servers
  • Secondary-level domains also supported
  • Over 1250 + domains TLD and ccld supported
  • Always keep your competitors and research at ease.
  • Premium Support to all our users
  • Request features with only one click.
  • No requirement to remove URL slug

C. Additional Information about Domain Age Checker | Site Age Checker

Extension NameUpdation frequencySizeLanguageHeadquarter
Domain Age Checker | Site Age CheckerGood91.94KBEnglishNA
Best Chrome extension for Digital Marketing

4. Google Input Tools

This is one of my favorite extensions to use when writing content. When you write something online anywhere whether on a blog or any other place like Facebook, Twitter, etc. This extension allows writing in your chosen language. After installing this extension you have to do a few of the settings in this chrome extension. You have to click your desired language & push than on the right side of the frame. Many people find this extension by the name of google translate extension. You can find this by typing google Hindi input.

A. Use of Google Input Tools

This chrome extension (google input tools download) is used for typing in your own set language. If you want to type in Hindi but don’t know Hindi typing then you can type Hindi by using this Chrome extension. You can write your post in any language with help of the toggle key in this chrome extension in your Browser.

B. How to set up this Chrome extension

To use this chrome extension you need to install this chrome extension from the chrome web store. After this, click the extension icon seen on the right, the upper side of the Browser. Set your own language that you need while typing. like this.

Google Input Tool chrome extension SettIng Page

C. Features of Google Input Tools

  • This extension works in your blog block editors along with various platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Gmail & many more.
  • You can change or increase language at any time.
  • This is free to use.
  • There are available Keyboard Shortcuts like:-
    • Alt + shift Switch to the next input tool in the list
    • CTRL+SPACE To Revert to the last input tool used
    • Shift +Space – Toggle the SBC/DBC mode
    • CTRL + PEROID European language punctuation

D. Additional Information about Google Input Tools

Extension NameUpdation frequencySizeLanguageHeadquarter
Google Input ToolsGood881 KBAll 53 languagesUS
Best Chrome extension for Digital Marketing

4. Wappalyzer

This is a great extension. Which provides much information about a website, and what type of technology has been used in making the website. Other automation tools like marketing, notification tools, etc. People also search for this chrome extension by the name of wappalyzer chrome.

A. Use of Wappalyzer

This Chrome extension is used for digital marketers to analyze their competitors. So that they can prepare their site to compete with others and improve their ranking score. There will be hardly any digital marketer who does not use this Chrome extension.

, B. Features of Wappalyzer

  • It Identifies web technologies used in websites logged in chrome extension. Wappalyzer works more then any other detector tool that helps us to find the software used in your website.

C. Additional Information about Wappalyzer

Extension NameUpdation frequencySizeLanguageHeadquarter
WappalyzerGood8.42 MBAll 21 languagesAustralia
Best Chrome extension for Digital Marketing

5. Font Finder

Font Finder is a Chrome extension that is used to find out what font is used in a particular page to create a web page. Font Finder can easily locate all the fonts used in any section of the website. Primarily Font Finder can detect the following:-

  • Any font on the page can be fully analyzed.
  • Information on any element can be copied to the clipboard.
  • Any active element can contain any part of the font’s options.

A. Additional Information about Font Finder

Extension NameUpdation frequencySizeLanguageHeadquarter
Font FinderGood125KBAll 04 languagesNA
Best Chrome extension for Digital Marketing

6. Keyword Surfer

Keyword Surfer is the most powerful Chrome extension used by digital Marketers to research Keywords. As you know if you have done your keyword research well then 50% work has been done. So, Keyword Research is very very important for a digital Marketer.

Keyword Surfer is free that allows you to search keywords for your Blog posts or any other purposes.

B. Features of Keyword Surfer

There are many features of Keyword Surfer:-

  • Keyword Surfer is free of cost that allows you to search keywords.
  • This extension provides you with the following:-
    • Search Volumes, CPC, Similarity in Percentage,
    • Keyword Suggestions, related terms, visibility metrics, etc.
    • If you want to read Full about keyword surfer then you can read here.

A. Additional Information about Keyword Surfer

Extension NameUpdation frequencySizeLanguageHeadquarter
Keyword SurferGood1.11 MBEnglishWrocław
Best Chrome extension for Digital Marketing

Should we use the chrome extension?

Yes. Should we use the chrome extension so that we can save time and use it in other tasks?

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