Are you looking for Best affiliate Programs to join in 2022. Are there any high paying affiliate Programs or best affiliate marketing websites? As you know there are two types of Affiliate Programs. One time commission & recurring type commission. You can also join any type of best affiliate programs for beginners that suits you. Users finds best affiliate Programs where can be easily generated enough money online. In this post, I am going to share you best Affiliate Programs that you can join easily & make money up to 7000/- to 12000/- monthly.

Well, there are many affiliate programs to join but here I will discuss few famous affiliate programs that is easy to join & user friendly. You must have heard about Amazon affiliate, Flipkart affiliate & many more.

How to choose Best Affiliate Programs?

To choose the best affiliate program is really serious task. If you chose the best affiliate program for your income source then this is really good & will prove a huge medium of income source. Well, there are many several parameters that define which types of affiliate Marketing do you need perfectly.

Here are some parameters on based you can decide your affiliate marketing network.

Easy Account Creation/ Sign Up Process

Before joining any of affiliate program please ensure that the account creation must be hassle free. If the account creation or sign up process is easy then further process are also easy. Because this is the same step when you submit your personal detail.

All possible Payout Modes

An affiliate program is the best when they provide our all the possible payout mode or instruments to you so that there is no difficulties to take your own payout after reaching threshold. An affiliate program must have all payment modes. like PayPal, Bank Transfer etc.

Minimum Payout threshold

When you choose the best affiliate program, you should check the minimum payment balance of the same affiliate program you are going to join. This is the same issue that a lot of users forget here. This payout balance may vary in different affiliate Program (best affiliate marketing platforms).

Maximum Cookie Duration

Cookie duration is the great thing that drives up the sales of your affiliate products. Actually, the longer the cookie is valid, the higher the chances of a sale. Many affiliate programs give you a maximum cookie verification time period. You should check before choosing an affiliate program.

Easy Tracking commission

If affiliate program provides you easy tracking system to your in your account based your user ID & password then that is great. In this case, you will be able to track our performance. This is very crucial thing to mind before choosing the best affiliate Program.

Recurring Commission Benefits

If you are going to choose the best affiliate program then your can also see this matter. If your affiliate program offer you some recurring commission to you then that is also great thing. You can choose affiliate Program like this.

The Best affiliate programs

These are few Best affiliate Programs that can be joined easily. You must decide that what type of Affiliate Marketing you should join. I have listed top Affiliate Programs in India to join & make money online. Keep one thing in your mind that always promote a single type product that you could be able to setup a successful Affiliate Program.

Amazon Associate

Amazon affiliate is one of the most popular affiliate programs in India & abroad as well. Each 8 out of 10 people know & upvote Amazon Associate. Amazon Affiliate program offers you to make money online through affiliate Marketing. Amazon Affiliate provides you an easy interface to join its Affiliate program.

By joining Amazon Affiliate you can start your earning through your own platform. The great thing is that there are a lot of products to affiliate. You can choose your desired product or services & affiliate them. The another great thing is that Here is a small amount of threshold that you can easily achieve them. So, Amazon affiliate is great place to start your affiliate Marketing.

Flipkart Affiliate

Flipkart is one of the largest e-commerce platforms in India. You have must heard about Flipkart. This is The One-stop Shopping Destination where you can get any thing what you want. On such marketplace there is also an affiliate Program that that you can join. Here, you can find a lot of appliances that you can affiliate to your Network.

Through Flipkart affiliate, you can start your affiliate Marketing journey here. Like amazon affiliate you get here several mode of payment. But there is huge threshold of Rs/- 25000/- INR. You can also join this Flipkart Affiliate Program.

Reseller Club

Reseller club is one of the best reselling web hosting companies in India. Reseller club offers you to make money online through its affiliate Marketing Platform. You can easily earn commission from minimum 1500/- to 8500/- easily through Reseller Club.

Once you create your account successfully as affiliate account. then you can easily get a tracking ID to track your Performance. Reseller Club offers you cookie with a validation of 60 days from the last click. Another great thing is that minimum payout balance is Rs/- 50.00 in Reseller Club.

Yatra Affiliate

Yatra is an online travel companies that provides amazing experiences to its customers online. This company provides a reasonable prices booking offer to its customers.

The joining process is very simple & pretty. You can start your work with your user affiliate link.

Paidboom Affiliate

Paidboom is a webhosting service provider. This company offers affiliate programs also. By joining its affiliate Program you can easily earn by affiliate web hosting packages to your audience. The support team is 24/7 with highly supportive ticket system.

You can easily join them & start earning online. You can also read here all the rules of Paidboom affiliate program


Cuelinks is a largest platform where you will find a lot of affiliate programs under the one roof. This is the great benefits of Cuelinks. For example if you want to Amazon & Flipkart also then you can affiliate both of the company in a single account under Cuelinks.

You will find a lot of affiliate programs to join. There are several affiliate program companies like amazon, Flipkart, myntra, Pepperify & many more. This is amazing platform to make money online through affiliate Marketing. You must join this.

Shopify Affiliate

Shopify is one all in one e commerce platforms that allows Business-holders to sell their Products online. The shopify allows you to generate a huge income by affiliate Program. of affiliate offers you to generate a huge money from each new shopify merchant referral.

Last Words

In last words, I would like to suggest that don’t hurry taking approval for any affiliate program to make money online. First make or create your own audience & only after that apply & then start promote. If you have no your own audience then your can also promote your own products by ads target.

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