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Are you looking for a backlink checker? Want to check your link if whether do follow or not follow? If you created any backlink for your blog or website then you should also know that this link is a do-follow or no follow. Because if you have a do-follow backlink then your site or blog takes great benefits of traffic & authority as well. Keep in mind that always create Quality backlinks for your blog or websites.

What is a Backlink (in short)?

A backlink is a simple link that we made or get automatically from others bloggers from their Blogs or websites. Yes, I am talking about the same link that is built by you or other bloggers, The same link on which the visitors click & drive to your Blog.

In other words, you can think of it as a simple link-building. Through this link to other blog sites, visitors go to your site and your blog or site visitors go to another blog or site. Read the full story What is backlink & its behavior in 2022 What is backlink & its behavior in 2022

How to check your link (backlink checker) whether it is no-follow or do-follow?

Many bloggers created backlinks for their sites or blog to rank fast in Google & build trust in Google. Actually, backlinks push your site or blog to rank in google. If you have few quality backlinks then your new domain can also be available to rank in Google. Many visitors arrive on your blog also. If there is not much competition on a specific keyword then your new blog can easily rank in Google Because Google has nothing but to rank your site. there is another big reason that is the lack of content. If Google has no content on your target keyword except your content then Google ranks your site.

Before checking the nature of backlinks I would like to reveal the meaning of both types of backlinks.

1. Element Inspect Method

Does this element inspect method very simple to check whether your backlink is done follow or no follow? In this method, you need not install any software in your chrome browser or your pc. This method is too simple to perform. For this action just you have to follow the following few steps.

  • Open the same website from where you got any backlink where your backlink is shown on the same site.
  • Move your cursor over the link, do a right click & click on Inspect.
  • A section will be opened on the right side of the same window. where you will see an HTML page view. under the element section.
  • There will reflect an Html line. If there is written a no-follow word then this link is called a do-follow backlink.

2. Chrome extension

backlink checker
backlink checker

In this method, you need to install a chrome extension named Nofollow Offered by In this method, you only need to install this chrome extension & you will easily see how many links are no followed or do follow on your web page. To check whether your link is do-follow or no-follow. Please follow the instruction given below.

  • Visit & Select the extension tab & type the extension name “No-follow” in the search bar.
  • You may read the review of this chrome extension. & click on Add to Chrome Button. & pinned it.
  • Visit any website. & you will see an outlined box around the do-follow or no-follow on your current web page. These lines may be in two colors red & green.
  • The green color stands for the link is do-follow & Red color stands for no-follow.

3. ahrefs backlink checker

Ahrefs tool

This is one of the backlink analysis tools. Actually, ahrefs is a keyword research tool where you can get unlimited information about any site or Blog SEO analysis. You can also find backlink checkers free online.

To check the backlink of your target site Please enter your domain name & you will see all do-follow backlinks & no-follow backlinks on your web address or blog.

Last Word

If you have a blog or site, then this is the fact that you need to check the link’s nature. You used to need to check the link whether your link is do-follow or no-follow. Then you must use inspect method. If you are in large practice then you can use a chrome extension named Nofollow. Thanks for giving your precious time for reading this article.

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