Adcash is an Ad network Agency that operates worldwide. That handles ads management for publishers & Advertisers like Google Adsense. Adcash provides six types of Ads on your online Platform. The integration process is very easy & actives immediately. In this post, we will discuss What is Adcash advertising company & how can you join this & its payout, payment threshold. Adcash ad networks works very well.

About Adcash advertising company

Adcash is an Ad Network agency. Adcash was established in 2007 by Christophe Avignon and Thomas Padovani. Thomas Podovani was from France came to Estonia in order to establish this company. The company headquarted is established in Tallinn, Estonia.

Adcash official website is

History of Its Parent company

The Webinfluence Group was founded on the ambition of a group of young entrepreneurs, just getting started in the online advertising space. The initial goal was simply to raise our voice in the industry and improve on the services that is already offered in the market. The zeal for continuous improvement, thriving for excellence and the pursuit of niche in the industry have created a solid foundation for Webinfluence and its subsidiaries.

Nature of Company

This is a private held company. This company is a Subsidiary of Webinfluence Group AS. Company manages advertising for the publishers & Advertisers online. This company operates its online services in many countries like

Product & Services

The company provides services in worldwide. The company targets to advertisers & Publishers. The company provides following services:-

  • Online Advertisement
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Information Technology
  • Internet
  • Display Advertising

Why you should use Adcash?

There is a plenty of reasons to choose Adcash Ad Network.

  • Adcash user interface is very simple & easy to setup.
  • Adcash provides many payment options to get your money in your account.
  • Adcash allows very small threshold in payment options.
  • Adcash allows any plugin to setup ad in your account.
  • Adcash allows to change payment method any time.

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Types of ads

1. Pop-under Ads

Pop-under Ads is a type of Adcash advetising company. In this type of ads. Adcash has been a market leader in this type of ads for over 13 years. This type of ads gives you unbelievable result in your Blog or website. This type of ads maximize your Overall Adcash earnings.

2. Iterstitial Ads

This type of ads delivers a high conversion rates for advertisers & huge income potential for publishers in this platform. Iterstitial ads display when a particular selected website or web page is loading, utilizing those type of valuable spare moment in between we pages to reach the audience with an immersive ad experience.

If we talk about advertisers, then interstitial ads are extremely versatile & cost-effective ad format that delivers maximum exposure in exchange for minimal investment.

And the other hand, if we talk aboutPublishers, they have a series of unique services that enables them to createa better user experience with this types of ads

3. In page Push Ads

In page Push is a type of online ad format & provides the next level experience in the development of the traditional push Notifications. Actually, this type of ads are well targeted, highly engaging, & having catchy attractions. The other thing is this type of ads doesn’t take up space at the publishers site & having a amazing a different experience.

4. Native Ads

Native Ads are in incredible to promote any products on publishers site. Native ads are known for non-intrusive and provide adcash publishers with an easy way to boost their adcash revenue without disrupting the user’s on-site experience. This Native ads are known as Sponsorship Ads.

5. Banner Ads

Adcash provides several types of traditional Banner Ads like Skyscraper, Rectangle and leaderboards. These ads looks like functional & deliver high engagement for both of advertisers and Publishers.

6. AutoTag

This types of Ads consist of all three ads formats like that In-Push page, Pop-Under & interstitial ads. This format is only available for website monetization. Autotrag contains a Monetization system that allows you to adjust the frequency & consistency of ads displayed on-Site. This type of ads helps the website owners to manage ads show system & improve the user on*-site experience.

How to register on Adcash?

The registration process is very simple to similar to another ad networks. You need a mail ID to sign up on the Adcash. Simply Please follow the steps given below:-

1. Sign Up or Registration Process

  • Please visit the
  • You will see page like below one. Please click on Register Button.
Adcash advertising company
Home Page of Adcash Account
  • Fill up all the detail required in the form.
Account Creation Form

After filling the Registration form please complete the email verification. Your account is ready to use.

2. Adding new Blog or Website

After registration or Sign up Process, You need to add your site or blog to Adcash ad Network account. You need to connect your site to adcash account along with domain verification. For this please take the following steps.

  • Please log in your Adcash Account & jump to Add my site or domain.
  • Enter your Domain address in Submit new Websites & select other Options.
Adcash advertising company
Fill you domain address & other options

After pressing the Next Button you will see a html code, Copy this code & paste into your website, before closing the header and after starting the header.

Adcash advertising company

3. Placing Ads on your site

After successfully establishment the connection to your this Adcash account with your site. Now we will learn how to place ads on your website.

  • Fort this, Please click Create new Zone to create ads on your site.
  • Select your Layout of ad showing.
Adcash advertising company
Select any one zone & click Button “Create new Zone”

Then next screen shows your ad script, Copy this & paste where you want to show your ads.

Some important points you must know:-

  • After placement of Ads your ads will be shown after 15 minutes.
  • There is a minimum threshold in the payment options of:
    • Bitcoin : a minimum threshold of 25 US Dollars
    • PayPal : a minimum threshold of 25 US Dollars
    • Web Money : a minimum threshold of 25 US Dollars
    • Skrill : a minimum threshold of 25 US Dollars
    • Wire Transfer : a minimum threshold of 100 US Dollars


Can I use multiple Ad Network for my site?

Yes, you can multiple ad Networks. There are many ad Networks to use.

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